Hi Cacti

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Sabina Palermo’s Hi Cacti has a lot of great information in it, from easy to grow plants to which pots to use. Many of the plants are the same house plants I recommend to families for better air quality. If you think the book is about cacti based on the title, you would be wrong. I, myself, was disappointed to find out that the book is named after the author’s store and not tips for growing cacti. And, while the book does have a lot of scientific information and artistic flare, it also lends itself to some woo practices that were a bit of a turn off for me. There isn’t any new information in the book, and it seems almost like marketing material for the store, but if you have no knowledge base whatsoever about plants, this does have information to get your started.

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by the publisher.

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