Jace Witherspoon shows up at his estranged older brother Christian's apartment with a few dollars in his pocket, his camera, a rearranged face, and a secret that isn't the only thing he is running from. Sometimes you can't run though. Sometimes you have to stand up and face the past. Swati Avashti's book isn't the... Continue Reading →

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Books abound regarding those special kids meant to save the world. Witches, wizards, warriors, and more. But what about the ordinary kids without special powers? The ones just trying to make it through the day, through the year, in life? Patrick Ness has addressed this lack of coverage in the genre with his book, The... Continue Reading →


Isabella (Izzy) leads a double life. She has two sets of parents and two houses. She splits her time equally between the two worlds without ever feeling like she belongs fully to either. As events unfold, she realizes that is a metaphor for her life in general. What will it take to blend all of... Continue Reading →

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