Hi Cacti

★★★★ Sabina Palermo's Hi Cacti has a lot of great information in it, from easy to grow plants to which pots to use. Many of the plants are the same house plants I recommend to families for better air quality. If you think the book is about cacti based on the title, you would be... Continue Reading →

When Plants Took Over the Planet

★★★★★ Chris Thorogood's When Plants Took Over the Plant is a fantastic full color picture book on the evolution of plants. With detailed factual information and beautiful illustrations, this is a fantastic resource for mid-upper elementary kids and their loving adults. Suitable for both home and classroom use, the book takes a wonderful look at... Continue Reading →

Ten-Step Drawing Everyday Things

★★★ In Ten-Step Drawing: Everyday Things, Justine Lecouffe walks readers through a step by step process of drawing 60 ordinary items found in many households. The process she uses is very good, breaking items up into shapes and then building from there. As such, this is a great book for beginning artists to see the... Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Friendly Friend

★★★★ Many children have dealt with bullies, and it can be a difficult topic for adults to handle. After all, the majority of us were not taught to stand up for ourselves. Christina Furnival has written a great book to address that topic in The Not-So-Friendly Friend. The main character feels very badly when her... Continue Reading →

Do You Speak Fish?

★★★★ I have to admit that when we began reading DJ Corchin's Do You Speak Fish?, I didn't care for the book. The main character is rude and rather selfish. However, as the book progressed, it turned itself around, sharing a lovely narrative of learning about those who are different and working to communicate with... Continue Reading →

Artie and the Wolf Moon

After sneaking out and watching her mother, Artie is surprised and excited to discover she is from a line of werewolves. As Artie figures out her newfound abilities, various family join in to help. Olivia Stephens' Artie and the Wolf Moon is a fantastic LGBTQ+ affirming, supernatural graphic novel for tweens. It's a tale of... Continue Reading →

The Hiking Viking

★★★★ The other Vikings are loud and boisterous. Leif just doesn't fit in with their activities and would rather spend time quietly in the mountains. When the Viking Games come around, he must find a way to help his team win. Laura Gehl has created a lovely story about acceptance and being different in The... Continue Reading →

My Pet Cloud

★★★★ When you can't have a pet, why not try a cloud? They are clean, quiet, and are free. Amanda Rawson Hill's My Pet Cloud is a cute story about a child who desperately wants a pet and adopts a cloud. The adventures of taking care of a cloud are cute and funny. Hill manages... Continue Reading →

All Different Kinds of Free

★★★★ Jessica McMann weaves a beautifully sad and touching story around the known facts about Margaret Morgan, whose story prompted Prigg vs. Pennsylvania and began the fight concerning states rights that would later lead to the civil war in her book, All Different Kinds Of Free. The story follows Margaret, a free Black woman, who is kidnapped... Continue Reading →

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