Jace Witherspoon shows up at his estranged older brother Christian's apartment with a few dollars in his pocket, his camera, a rearranged face, and a secret that isn't the only thing he is running from. Sometimes you can't run though. Sometimes you have to stand up and face the past. Swati Avashti's book isn't the... Continue Reading →

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Books abound regarding those special kids meant to save the world. Witches, wizards, warriors, and more. But what about the ordinary kids without special powers? The ones just trying to make it through the day, through the year, in life? Patrick Ness has addressed this lack of coverage in the genre with his book, The... Continue Reading →


Isabella (Izzy) leads a double life. She has two sets of parents and two houses. She splits her time equally between the two worlds without ever feeling like she belongs fully to either. As events unfold, she realizes that is a metaphor for her life in general. What will it take to blend all of... Continue Reading →

The Burning

Sometimes you can't run from your past, no matter how far you go. Sometimes it follows you. Sometimes it burns so quickly it explodes...all over the internet. Anna and her mother have moved hundreds of miles to start fresh. New school. New town. New last name. All social media deleted. But nothing on the internet... Continue Reading →

Made to Play!

If you are one of the many parents enthralled by simple handmade toys but are intimidated at the prospect of making them yourself, never fear! Joel Henriques will help get you started with the ideas in his new book coming out next October, Made to Play!: Handmade Toys and Crafts for Growing Imaginations. Contrary to... Continue Reading →

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Everyone worries from time to time, and dealing with those worries often seems monumental, especially for children. Ferida Wolff and Herriet May Sevitz have addressed just this issue in their book, Is a Worry Worrying You? With beautiful full color illustrations by Marie LeTourneau, the book manages to discuss worries and introduce brainstorming possible solutions... Continue Reading →

Hunting Human

Beth Williams is haunted by memories and running from a past that she neither understands nor which she can classify as rational or sane. Once a promising young architect with a position to begin graduate work, a celebratory trip to Europe and the resulting death of her best friend and foster sister, Beth now moves... Continue Reading →

Cinder and Ella

Cinder and Ella are two of four sisters. Both their older and younger sisters are selfish, their father quit doing anything to help the family before disappearing altogether, and their mother spins all day at her spinning wheel, effectively ignoring her daughters to the point that she has forgotten that Cinder and Ella are two... Continue Reading →

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