The Happy Pumpkin

★★★ MacKenzie Haley's illustrations in DK's new book, The Happy Pumpkin, are what are driving the stars here. My young co-reviewer thought all of the pictures were cute and said that toddlers and preschoolers would like the book based off the illustrations alone. I would agree with that, and if you want some cute illustrations... Continue Reading →

The Mountain

★★★★ Rebecca Gugger tells a delightful tale about animals who disagree about what a mountain is in her book, The Mountain. Each animal has a different idea of what the mountain is and believes others are wrong. Not until the animals are trek the entire mountain, with the octopus in a diver's mask full of... Continue Reading →

A Tree is a Home

★★★★ The world around us is an interconnected one, whether we refer to humans or the other organisms we live among. A Tree is a Home, by Pamela Hickman, is a lovely book for preschoolers about some of the many organisms which depend on trees. Set in North America, we see five different animals which... Continue Reading →

A Peek at Beaks

★★★★★ Sara Levine has used a novel idea in her newest book, (Amazon affiliate link) A Peek at Beaks. Targeting older preschool and early elementary ages, the book takes a wonderful look at different types of beaks and how they are used to best help birds. With full color illustrations, Levine has added a page... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Girls and Boys

★★★★ Our children are inundated by gender based stereotypes from a young age. Not only do they hear the stereotypes and infer what they should be, often being told blatantly so by others in their lives, but they are treated differently based on how people perceive them due to the stereotypes. Caryl Rivers and Rosalind... Continue Reading →

Rabbit Housing

★★★★ Bob Bennett's (Amazon affiliate link) Rabbit Housing is exactly what the title suggests - a book solely about building rabbit housing for livestock rabbits. With extensive information about what is required of outdoor rabbit housing and excellent tips and information, you can be building your own housing for rabbits at a fraction of the... Continue Reading →

Candy Experiments

★★★★ Looking for a science experiment your kids can peruse and do on their own? Maybe you need some easy to plan activities for a class? Loralee Leavitt's (Amazon affiliate link) Candy Experiments is a book to consider. Split into different categories, you can help children explore density, mixing colors, identifying ingredients, and more. The... Continue Reading →

Pilu of the Woods

★★★★ The woods near Willow's house also feel so calm and quiet, unlike the turbulent emotions warring inside of her. When she runs off into the woods one day, she meets a lost tree spirit, Pilu, who needs help finding her way home. The long journey will have each one facing a storm of emotions,... Continue Reading →

Sleigh Bells Ring

★★★★ Annie McCade moved back to her home town to help her brother after her sister-in-law died, leaving him a single father to his two young children. She has been trying to help them hold it together for the past year while watching him struggle with the loss. When his drinking lands him in jail... Continue Reading →

Stuff You Should Know About Planet Earth

★★★★ John Farndon's (Amazon affiliate link) Stuff You Should Know About Planet Earth is a visual feast for budding scientists. With cool full color illustrations and easy to understand writing, this is a great introduction to Earth science for elementary ages. Pick up a copy for the classroom or at home. Disclaimer: A copy was... Continue Reading →

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