Amari and the Night Brothers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amari Peters has never given up on finding her older brother, Quinton. He was always there for her, and she won’t believe the police when they not so kindly suggest that he went missing because of nefarious activities, all because of where they live.

Everything changes when Amari opens a secret briefcase he left her, along with a nomination for a summer tryout at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Convinced this is the key to discovering the truth behind Quinton’s disappearance. When Amari learns that not only is magic real, but she is a magician, someone vilified in the magical world, she understands that sometimes there is just no getting away from prejudice. Determined to find her brother, Amari also has to prove herself to everyone around her.

Amri and the Night Brothers is an amazing middle grade novel by B.B. Alston. This is the kind of story I love reading with my kids and hearing them bag for one more chapter. It’s perfect for independent reading or read-alouds, as adults will also enjoy the story. It’s going on the list for my tween book club kids.

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