Connect with Readers

Are you an author or publisher looking to spread the word about an upcoming or already published book? Read on! There are many ways that you can connect with readers at Novel Obsession.

Book Review

Novel Obsession accepts books for review. Reviews are posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Good Reads with a featured review on Novel Obsession. Various formats can be accepted. Only honest reviews will be given. If for some reason I feel that I cannot write a positive review for your book, I will let you know. Social media will be used where applicable to advertise the review. You are welcome to provide links to your website and/or social media for use in the review. Author bios are encouraged but not required.


In conjunction with book reviews, Novel Obsession is happy to participate in give-aways for books or other swag related to your book. All give-aways will be promoted and cross promotion is expected between the author and/or publisher and Novel Obsession.

Meet the Author

Want readers to learn more about you and your books? Consider participating in a feature all about you! Meet the Author features up and coming, as well as established, authors who would like to connect with readers on a more personal level. Cross promotion between author blogs and/or social media with that of Novel Obsession is expected for Meet the Author features.

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