Never Ever Getting Back Together

★★★★ What happens when you put a heartthrob on a reality television show with a bunch of his ex-girlfriends? Apparently a much better show than I had imagined! When Maya accepts the television invitation, she is set on getting revenge. If she can win the heart of her ex and dump on on live television,... Continue Reading →

No One is Alone

★★★★ If Michaela had only known that that was the last time she would see her mother alive, she would tell her how much she loved her. Instead, she finds herself suddenly without a mother and forced to leave her school, her town, and her home to live with her father. And six hours after... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Blood

★★★★★ Madison Washington is an outcast in her home and in her school. She has been holding a secret her entire life, and the weight of that is about to break. I have to say that Tiffany Jackson surprised me with The Weight of Blood. I have read several of her other books, and I... Continue Reading →

Amari and the Great Game

★★★★★ Our family loved the first book in this series, Amari and the Night Brothers. When my kids heard that there was another book coming out, and that we didn't have to wait for the release date, they were all in. I won't try to describe the volume, but understand there was high-pitched squealing. Now,... Continue Reading →

Amari and the Night Brothers

★★★★★ Amari Peters has never given up on finding her older brother, Quinton. He was always there for her, and she won't believe the police when they not so kindly suggest that he went missing because of nefarious activities, all because of where they live. Everything changes when Amari opens a secret briefcase he left... Continue Reading →

The Decomposition of Jack

★★★★ Middle school is hard enough without giving easy ways for kids to bully you. It's hard not to be known as the Roadkill Kid when your mother collects roadkill as part of her job. Add in his parent's divorce, his father moving away, and now a cougar that people don't believe is there, and... Continue Reading →

Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults

★★★★ I purchased a copy of Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass when it first came out. I wanted to support a book written by an Indigenous person who is also a scientist. I had hoped that it would be as good as the hype. It was, and is. There isn't anything quite like it. When... Continue Reading →

Climate Change is Racist

★★★★ Climate Change is Racist is a good primer in looking at the causes and effects of climate change on a population filled with disparities and tiered classes. The truth is that while climate change affects us all, it affects some of us more than others. While the upper class is disproportionately responsible for creating... Continue Reading →

Fossil Hunter

★★★★ Cheryl Blackford's Fossil Hunter is a beautifully illustrated book, full of interesting facts and historical information.. The book gives a great way to introduce the story of Mary Anning, an important person in science. Educators may want to use the book as part of a unit on fossils, dinosaurs, history, or women in science.... Continue Reading →

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