How to Forage for Mushrooms Without Dying

★★★★★ I have long been interested in foraging for mushrooms. The idea appeals - environmentally friendly wild farming? However, one thing has always prevented me from scooping up mushrooms I find out on my hikes; I don't want to kill my family. And that is where Frank Hyman's (Amazon affiliate links) How to Forage for... Continue Reading →

Can You See Me?

★★★★ Gökçe İrten's Can You See Me? is a sweet book about perspective. Size is relative, and viewing others is all about perspective. The illustrations have a mixed media feel of soft watercolor collages and line drawings, making the book appear whimsical. There are limited facts in the book, as the book is not meant... Continue Reading →

The Texas Seal’s Surprise

★★★ Abby had rushed home to tell the lover of her life that she was pregnant, only to find him in the arms of another woman. Determined to start fresh with family, she travels to Three Springs, Texas to help her cousin reopen their grandparent's old general store. With almost nothing to her name, she... Continue Reading →


★★★★ Vanita Oelschlager's Fish-Boy is beautiful Inuit origin storybook. Even more beautiful are the illustrations. Mike Blanc has created gorgeous full, high color illustrations which bring the story alive. Showing that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, with a full array of emotions, the book will appeal to adults as much as to children. Disclaimer: A... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Courage

★★★★ Trying new things can be scary, and Little One is no exception to feeling the fear of trying something new. Family and friends are there to help them, though, and once they try the new activity, they realize that they enjoy it. Claire Alexander's (Amazon affiliate link) A Little Bit of Courage features simple... Continue Reading →

The World’s Most Pointless Animals

★★★ I love novel books which get kids interested in STEAM, and because of that, I had high expectations of Philip Bunting's (Amazon affiliate link) The World's Most Pointless Animals. And let's just say, the illustrations and layout are on point. Visually, this is an appealing book for kids. It also has some great science... Continue Reading →

Liberty’s Civil Rights Trip

★★★★ Liberty boards a bus with her friend Abdullah, their families, and other community members for a trip of historic places where important events in the civil rights movement occurred. The book takes us on a trip, highlighting those events but lacking a more developed story line. The trip is merely a method to tell... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Heads

★★★★ (Amazon affiliate link) Pumpkin Heads by Wendell Minor is a gorgeous Halloween book for toddlers and preschoolers. Text is extremely limited, so this is best suited to children who like to help tell the story form the illustrations. Honestly, the illustrations in this book are what make it. They are absolutely stunning in both... Continue Reading →

Mimic Makers

★★★★ Kristen Nordstrom has written an excellent STEAM book or young children in (Amazon affiliate link) Mimic Makers. Nordstrom takes a look at several animals which have been the inspiration for science innovation. Going through the story behind the invention, as well as the science behind why that particular aspect works and how, the book... Continue Reading →

The Boy in the Photo

★★★ At the beginning of (Amazon affiliate link) The Boy in the Photo, Megan is a single mother raising her six year old son after leaving an abusive marriage. She goes to pick her son up form school to discover he has been abducted by his father. No trail is found for six years, when... Continue Reading →

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