The Antiracist Kid

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tiffany Jewell provides a kid accessible take on racism in The Antiracist Kid. This illustrated chapter book walks readers through definitions and tools for becoming antiracist, because simply following along with a racist system without doing anything to combat that racism isn’t enough. Geared for elementary ages, this complements This Book Is Antiracist, although I admit to liking the latter book better. I think some of the definitions in this book could have been written more clearly to avoid confusion, particularly when defining that racism is not merely prejudice but also includes the systemic oppression of marginalized people and an imbalance in power.

I am always looking for good books to help kids learn empathy and to stand against oppression, so this can be a good conversation starter for younger kids to address some of those issues.

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by the publisher.

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