We Are Still Here!

★★★★ As the companion book to We are Grateful: Otsalihelgia, Traci Sorrell's We Are Still Here! addresses the history, contemporary laws, policies and struggles, and victories of Indigenous peoples. Presented by members of the Cherokee, Navajo, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations, We are Still Here! offers bright images and wonderful writing to help engage our younger... Continue Reading →

I Am Quiet

★★★★★ Andie Powers has written a delightful story for the introvert in all of us with their book, I Am Quiet. Emile isn't timid or shy. Emile is quiet. So often quiet kids are bullied and made fun of by both other children and adults. But introverts tend to think a lot and are wonderfully... Continue Reading →

Tuesdays at the Castle

★★★★★ Celie isn't a stereotypical princess, and Castle Glower isn't your run of the mill castle. On Tuesdays, the castle changes things up by adding or removing rooms or even an entire wing. Celie is right there for the action, carefully mapping out each twist and turn. It could be rather confusing if you didn't... Continue Reading →

My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding

★★★★ My Sister's Big Fat Indian Wedding is a cute meet story with meddling older relatives, a generation of supportive cousins, and two teenagers trying to follow their hearts and desires while finding more than they planned on. Family expectations weigh heavily on Zurika, whose true calling is violin. A gifted musician, with a penchant... Continue Reading →

Kids Cook Gluten-Free

★★★★ Kids Cook Gluten-Free is a great starter cookbook for young children just learning to cook, with simple recipes. The book has full color photos and easy to understand directions. I was a bit disappointed that at no point do the authors address mixing your own gluten free blends or using anything other than purchased... Continue Reading →

The Silence That Binds Us

★★★★★ Maybelline may not fit the perfect model of a Chinese Taiwanese American daughter with her hoodies and desire to become a writer, or agree with her parents about a lot of things, but the one person she has always been able to count on to support her is her big brother. Then one day... Continue Reading →

Raising Antiracist Children

★★★★★ In a world in which systems perpetuate racism, it is not enough to simply "not be racist." We must be actively antiracist if we are to counteract racism and make a difference in the world. In Raising Antiracist Children, Britt Hawthorne shares her personal experiences and practical tips for parents navigating antiracism with their... Continue Reading →

The Cookie Bible

★★★★ My mother had an old copy of Betty Crocker's Cooky Book in her kitchen, and I can remember pouring over it, marveling at the different types of cookies. It was outdated, though, and desperately in need of an update. Rose Levy Beranbaum has created something even better, with cookies galore and detailed information for... Continue Reading →

How to Raise an Antiracist

★★★★★ Ibram X. Kendi has taken the publishing world by storm with his books addressing racism in American culture and beyond. His newest book, How to Raise an Antiracist, could equally be listed under the subheadings of sociology or parenting. Mindful parenting extends not just to treating our children as human beings but also to... Continue Reading →

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