In Valerie James Abbott’s new book, (Amazon affiliate link) Padapillo, a girl notices strange things about her little sister. When their parents also notice the same things, the family begins the process to have Bridget’s hearing checked. After some doctor’s appointments, Bridget is diagnosed as hard of hearing and goes through the process of getting hearing aids.

Though this book is based on a true story, I feel like it misses a great opportunity. The Deaf community is often overlooked and spoken over/for by the hearing community. Placing the hearing sister as the main character just seems to amplify this aspect of discrimination. Having Bridget be the main character and talking about her experiences from her own point of view would have made for a much stronger story. When she receives the hearing aids, they are treated as a miracle. Hearing aids can definitely be helpful but have their own issues. No mention of using sign language is made throughout the book.

This book most likely appeals to hearing families who want their child to grow up oral and exclusively in the hearing community.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by KWE Publishing.

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