Stronger Than You Know

Sex trafficking is an increasing issue in the US, as well as around the globe. Lori Foster manages to address this very serious issue while weaving strong women into the romance genre.

Kennedy Brooks is a victim of sex trafficking, having managed to escape through the selfless act of another woman. Since then, she has worked to help prevent anyone else from being kidnapped and abused, writing books about the topic and travelling to give presentations on individuals can protect themselves. She has also protected herself by moving around and not getting close to anyone.

When she arrives home late from the airport to find her apartment building on fire, she knows she needs help and calls the first person she thinks of: Reyes McKenzie. Unbeknownst to her, Reyes is the perfect person for the job, as he secretly works to take down traffickers.

While (Amazon affiliate link) Stronger Then You Know definitely has strong men coming in for the rescue, the book doesn’t have a diminishing affect on the female characters. Foster does a superb job of acknowledging how the rescue fantasy plays off of how sex trafficking and sexual abuse and harassment affect so many women, fostering a desire to find someone safe. However, she doesn’t leave the saving or strength to the men, who also are sensitive to the experiences of the women in need. There are some strong women in the book who are out to save themselves and any other women they come across.

Overall, if you are looking for a light romance which doesn’t treat women as daft-headed objects, this is a book to pick up. The book releases in August 2021.

Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of the book was provided by Harlequin Romance. All reviews are honest reviews.

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