Subterranea: Discovering the Earth’s Extraordinary Hidden Depth

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chris Fitch’s Subterranea: Discovering the Earth’s Extraordinary Hidden Depth is a deeper look at the Earth beneath the surface. From recreational to geographical and scientific exploration, Fitch explains underground wonders. With full color photographs and detailed diagrams, the book is visually appealing while simultaneously providing a plethora of accurate information for the casually interested. Introductory information is included for subterranean caverns around the world, along with historical uses, explorations, and evolution.

This book is geared to those with a burgeoning interest in cave systems. While it does have full color photos, this is not a book for those just looking for gorgeous pictures of caverns. The photos included are nice but are not the focal point of the book and are limited compared with the larger information given.

Available September 2021

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by Timber Press.

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