Donut Worry

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Donut feels anxious….about a lot of things. A lot of her friends and family keep telling her not to worry, but that doesn’t help someone who is feeling anxious. Then she meets Cookie, who tells Donut that she also becomes anxious but has learned ways to cope with the anxiety.

This is a great book to read with children who may be worried about a particular thing or who are prone to anxiety in general. No only does it open dialogue, but it gives constructive techniques for kids, such as taking a deep breath and pretending to blow out a candle, as well as to their grown ups, such as talking through the worry rather than telling the child not to worry.

The illustrations are fun and quirky, combining actual photographs with graphic media. However, I wish the placement of actual photographs was more consistent. Some characters in the book involve photographs of actual objects while others are not.

Available August 2021

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by Capstone.

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