The Boy in the Photo

Rating: 3 out of 5.

At the beginning of (Amazon affiliate link) The Boy in the Photo, Megan is a single mother raising her six year old son after leaving an abusive marriage. She goes to pick her son up form school to discover he has been abducted by his father. No trail is found for six years, when her son, now almost 13, walks into a police station saying that his father died in a fire. Details don’t line up, and the book vacillates between time periods, exploring what Megan was going through over the years as well as what Daniel experience and then bringing us back to the present – a present where Megan has a new husband, the original office assigned to the missing person case, and a baby daughter.

This could have been a really great book. The basic story line is there but needed to be further developed. The characters fall rather flat and also needed further development. I found the constant use of present tense in the writing jarring for this particular book and made reading it less enjoyable. It is however, a quick read if you need a light mystery.

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by Grand Central Publishing.

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