Out, Mouse!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Finn isn’t pleased when a pair of mice have move into his humble abode. In an attempt to persuade them to move, he leaves them a series of letters suggesting other places to live, explaining why each location would be better for them, along with everything that is wrong with his house. As the mice couple checks out each location, they always find something wrong. A barn has no fireplace or variety of food. A beach house is too far away from town. A castle is haunted. Eventually, as Finn writes his latest attempt, he realizes that the new location really is so much better and decides to move himself. If only he hadn’t left the letter behind for the mice to read!

Valerie L. Egar’s (Amazon affilate link) Out, Mouse! is a short book that will appeal to young children just beginning to listen to read aloud chapter books. You can sit down and read it in one 30-45 minute session. While simple, the story line has an expected cuteness that appeals to young children. The audio version of the book, read by Paul Collins, has a light Irish brogue, adding to the atmosphere of the storyline.

Available August 2021

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by Whistle Oak

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