The Pepperstorm

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The mice are just trying to live their lives, but the elephants are making that difficult. The elephants refuse to watch where they are going. Due to the elephants’ lack of empathy, the mice live in constant fear of being stepped on or having poo drop on them from above. The mice attempt to discuss the issue with the elephants numerous times, but the elephants refuse to consider anyone else.

Finally, fed up with the way they have been treated, the mice come up with a plan to force the elephants to look at them and listen. Don’t let the cute illustrations sway you away from the true message of the book. When those in power refuse to listen, sometimes the oppressed need to do something to get their attention. Rafael Ordonez’s (Amazon affiliate link) The Pepperstorm speaks to the need for empathy, understanding, and sticking up for oneself in the face of bullies.

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by NubeOcho.

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