Vanishing Edge

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Special Agent Felicity Harland was a FBI agent for over five years. After an outdoor accident which ended with her husband dead and her back broken, she has spent the last year recovering. Unable to physically keep up with her former job, she has switched to the ISB and plans to prover herself to her superiors.

Overall, the book has positive aspects. There are some decent plot twists. However, I really disliked the character development. Harland, for having been an experienced agent, doesn’t seem to be taking the lead in this investigation. Instead, “Hux” Huxley, a former Navy Seal turned park ranger, seems to be doing most of the leading. While the banter between the two is witty at times, I would rather that the female protagonist and lead character/investigator actual show her experience and knowledge while leading this investigation.

This is a quick, light read available in November 2021.

Disclaimer: An advance copy of this book was provided by Crooked Land Books.

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