Mika and the Dragonfly

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Mika is a shy girl who doesn’t make talk to others easily. She doesn’t have any friends at school. When she finds a hurt dragonfly, her attempts at taking care of it end up helping her make friends. The illustrations in Ellen DeLange’s (Amazon affiliate link) Mika and the Dragonfly are cute and add to the story. I was bothered by the fact that the book treated being quiet and reserved as a bad thing. Also, my children were shocked that the author would write that Mika glued a wing back on to the dragonfly and that the dragonfly somehow now had control over the wing to fly. They found it extremely unrealistic and thought that young children, the target of this book, might attempt something similar.

Disclaimer:” An advance copy was provided by Clavis Publishing.

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