Hit It and Quit It

Summer is having a bad time. A horrible date is interrupted with a phone call that her apartment, and everything she owns, is burning. Her best friend is out of town and not answering her phone. When she goes to let herself into her friend’s apartment, she stands in the pouring rain while the code won’t work. Buzzing the other apartments in the building, she finally get someone to answer, only to have that person tell her to, “F*ck off.” Seeing what she thinks is her bff’s bedroom window ajar, she goes to let herself into the apartment through a little window climbing, only to find herself sprawled on the floor with a marine sitting on her and a gun cocked at her head. Oh, and then there is the fact that she has to soon be in her brother’s wedding, opposite of her ex-fiance who cheated on her. Life is not looking up.

Sometimes people show a different persona, though, and Summer soon finds herself at ease with Cullen, the guy who could have killed her. They come up with a plot to take care of both of their problems.

The book cover, as well as the title, do not do justice to Melynda Price’s (Amazon affiliate link) Hit It and Quit It. The book has whit and charm and will leave readers smiling.

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by BooksGoSocial.

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