Franz-Ferdinand the Dancing Walrus

Available October 2021

Being the largest bull walrus, Franz-Ferdinand doesn’t like to move around a lot. However, when he sees a flock of flamingoes (which we are told not to question as to why they are in Greenland) gracefully dancing across the ice, he realizes he loves ballet. He asks to join the ballet, where he is exquisite.

I had hopes for this book. It touches on many topics: following your dreams, not allowing someone’s preconceived ideas to limit you, environmental awareness, and standing up for others. However, in doing so, the book just seems not to hit any target. The illustrations target toddlers and preschoolers, but the writing targets an older audience. The book felt very forced and awkward in every aspect.

Marcus Pfister is beloved by many for his Rainbow Fish books, and I am certain there will be many who also love (Amazon affiliate link) Franz-Ferdinand The Dancing Walrus. However, if you bothered by how rainbow fish had to change who they were to be accepted by the other fish, you can probably skip this book, too.

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by North South Books Inc.

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