The Words in My Hands

Not often do you find a book which is gorgeous, in both representation and presentation. This book hits both those marks.

First, the artwork in this book is stunning. The entire book is a work of art, as it takes its inspiration from the main character’s art journal. Each page will have any artists itching to pull out their art supplies and begin working. That alone is a reason to check out the book.

However, the reasons don’t end there. Asphyxia’s (Amazon affiliate link) The Words in My Hands doesn’t stop with pretty pages. It is a beautiful dystopian blend of art, coming of age, and Deaf culture. Piper, a sixteen year old deaf girl who grew up oral, learns not only how to feed her family and community while taking on a revolution against a corrupt corporate-run government, but she finds herself as she learns what Big-D Deaf means, learns Auslan (Australian sign language), is embraced by the Deaf community, and embraces who she wants to be. What does it mean to push away the expectations of those around you in order to be your entire self? Find out in November 2021 when the book is released. This is a YA book worth keeping an eye on.

Disclaimer: Advance review copy provided by Annick Press Ltd.

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