The King’s Damsel

Forced into servitude at court by the man who bought her guardianship, Tamsin Lodge must serve the young Princess Mary Tudor. Her guardian’s plot to secure a a position with the king and better his financial status is not the only plot afoot, and even the young princess is not safe from the dealings throughout the kingdom. Her loyalty for her mistress, along with her life, will be tested as she enters the games being played by a cast which includes King Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. In order to save those around her and hold onto her beliefs, she must sacrifice herself.

Kate Emerson’s historical romance, The King’s Damsel, proves provoking among the romance genre. With history weaved in, the book is a fast-paced story with more drama than romance and more political manipulations than errant love scenes. While a romance novel in essence, this will appeal more to fans of historical fiction. An enjoyable read with an ending which finishes a bit abruptly, The King’s Damsel shares a view of 1500 England aristocracy.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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